Hell's Angel to Heaven's Saint
The testimony of Barry Mayson
Founder & International  Evangelist

    The only way out was
    death! That was the rule of
    the organization -The Hell’s
    Angels, probably the most
    feared and notorious
    motorcycle gangs in the
    country. They were out to
    get Barry-Barry. He had not
    been willing to carry out their
    orders and by their unwritten
    code he must die!
    The restaurant was
    surrounded by rough-
    looking dudes waiting on
    Barry-Barry to come out.
    He knew that he might die -
    the Hell’s Angels didn’t play
    around. In fact, the very
    reason for his being on the
    West-Coast was to attend
    the funeral of one of the
    “brother angels” who had
    been shot in the back three
    times. This was also to be
    Barry-Barry’s proving time.
    Although he had lived
    through the prospecting
    year - a period of trial
    association with the Hell’s
    Angels - and although he
    had worn the Hell’s Angels
    jacket, he still had to pass
    the their final test. Barry was
    given the orders to eliminate
    several members of a rival
    club back on the East Coast.

    The year of trial, a jacket
    with Hell’s Angels on it, and
    a lot of rough times had not
    completely hardened Barry-
    Barry. On the surface he
    was “tough” one to be
    feared. But inside a raging
    war was taking place.
    (Ephesians 6:12 “ For our
    struggle is not against flesh
    and blood but against the
    rulers, against the
    authorities, against the
    powers of this dark world
    and against the spiritual
    forces of evil in heavenly
    realms.”) How many times
    had he struggled just to
    keep up with terrorizing
    activities of the club. What
    an effect it had taken not to
    show any sign of weakness.
    There was a storm raging on
    the outside - but a veritable
    war on the inside.

    How did Barry-Barry get into
    this mess? What had led him
    to this place 4,000 miles
    from home- a point of being
    filled with fear, knowing that
    a certain death waited just
    outside the door?

    Charles Barry Mayson’s
    early childhood was fairly
    normal, similar to that of
    thousands of other boys
    across the United States.
    He lived in a good home
    and was taught right from
    wrong. His childhood
    activities included attending
    a baptist church with his
    parents. Like many others at
    the young and tender age of
    nine, Barry made a
    profession of faith in Jesus,
    and was baptised in water.
    Barry did not, however,
    experience the reality of

    Everything sailed along
    smoothly until I was sixteen,
    and then my world came
    apart. My stepfather, who
    was a real father to me,
    caught Malaria. He was a
    pilot for Pan American
    Airlines and was in England
    when the illness struck. The
    doctors notified my family
    that he was in a coma and
    that his kidneys had ceased
    to function. The only
    prognosis for Ben Mayson
    was death. It was easy to fall
    back to earlier experiences.
    In my need and desperation,
    I petitioned God for help. I
    asked God to spare my
    fathers life, but one week
    later he died! Deep down I
    knew that I had no faith, that
    God had not really heard my
    prayer.  (Psalms 66:18 “If I
    regard iniquity in my heart,
    the Lord will not hear me:
    Isaiah 59:2  “But your
    iniquities have separated
    between you and your God,"
    Cursing Him, denouncing
    the whole idea — even to
    saying that there was no
    God. (Proverbs 28:14
    “Happy is the man that
    feareth always; but he that
    hardeneth his heart shall fall
    into mischief.”)

    The rest of my time in high
    school was filled with turmoil.
    My grades dropped, I
    started drinking and getting
    into trouble. I resented
    authority, especially that of
    my mother and including
    that of my teachers as well.
    I cheated my way through
    high school, graduating with
    others who had earned their

    I stood there on the phone
    listening to my mother tell
    me of Jesus’ love and
    forgiveness. (Romans 8:32).
    She also told me of his
    ability to protect and keep
    and promised me that He
    would help me out of the
    situation, if I would accept
    Him into my life (John 10:27-
    30) “My sheep hear my
    voice and I know them, and
    they shall follow me”: 28:
    “And I give unto them
    eternal life; and they shall
    never perish, neither shall
    any man pluck them out of
    my fathers hand.” 30: “I and
    my Father are one") Hot
    tears began to stream down
    my face, and right there in
    the restaurant, I prayed the
    sinners prayer (Romans 10:
    9) "That if thou shalt confess
    with thy mouth the Lord
    Jesus, and believe in thine
    heart that God hath raised
    him from the dead, thou
    shalt be saved.")  New hope
    new joy, and healing power
    swept over me as Jesus
    gloriously made me a new
    creature. I literally felt the
    arms of Jesus being
    wrapped around me and
    holding me. I knew that then
    I, Barry Mayson, and my
    wife, Fran were born in the
    kingdom of Gods
    (II Corinthians 5:17
    "Therefore if any man be in
    Christ, he is a new creature;
    old thing are passed away;
    behold, all things are
    become new.")

    God is faithful and true and
    He did deliver me from the
    hand of the enemy that day.
    And I came to the realization
    that the Hell's Angels were
    not my enemy. My enemy
    was Satan and the powers
    of darkness (John 10:10
    "The thief (Satan) comes
    only to steal and kill and
    destroy; I (Jesus) have come
    that you may have life and
    have it to the fullness.")
    Right now!! Through more
    miracle circumstances, I was
    able to escape the death
    blow of the Hell's Angels and
    return to South Carolina to
    my family.

    I have surrendered my life
    to Jesus and I trust him to
    complete the good work that
    he has started in my life.
    I have my wife Fran, two
    sons and a daughter with
    me, and as I think about
    God's goodness and love,
    I know that we are growing
    together in him. If you have
    not accepted Jesus Christ
    into your life and allowed
    Him to become your Lord
    and Savior, Romans 10:9
    Says "that if thou confess
    with thy mouth that Lord
    Jesus, and shalt believe in
    thine heart that God hath
    raised Him from the dead,
    thou shalt be saves.

    HIS SON."

    1. Admit your need (I am a

    2. Be willing to turn from sin

    3. Believe that Jesus Christ
    died for you (On the Cross
    and rose from the dead.)

    4. Through prayer (Talking
    to God) invite Jesus Christ
    to come in and control your
    (Receive Him as Savior and

    Dear Father, I know that I
    am a sinner and need
    forgiveness. I believe that
    Christ died for my sin. I am
    willing to turn from sin. I now
    invite Jesus Christ to come
    into my heart and life as my
    personal Savior. I am willing,
    by God's grace, to follow
    and obey Christ as the Lord
    of my life. If you accepted
    Jesus as you Savior, then
    this is just the beginning of a
    wonderful new life with Christ.

    1. Read your Bible every
    day to get to know Christ

    2. Talk to God in prayer
    every day.

    3. Tell others about Christ.

    4. Be baptized, worship,
    fellowship and serve with
    other Christians in a church
    where Christ is preached.

    5. Write us and let us know
    so we can rejoice with you!

    Somehow I managed to be
    accepted to a small Baptist
    College in the mountains of
    Georgia. I was going there
    at my mother’s insistence —
    all I had in mind was having
    a good time. Eventually I
    was thrown out for bad
    behavior. I turned to the
    Army next, but it turned out
    to be a bummer because I
    still had a problem with

    “Freedom”— the idea began
    to take root in my mind, until
    it became an obsession with
    me. After leaving the Army,
    I had moved to Atlanta,
    Georgia, and I was working
    at the Ford plant there. At
    this time, I hit upon a way to
    ensure my freedom.
    I bought a motorcycle and
    learned to ride it, and ended
    up riding in a small club
    called the “Rising Suns”
    which soon became the
    main interest in my life.
    Lacking any restraint at all,
    my new freedom soon led to
    parties, fights, crime and
    drugs. Eventually the police
    busted up our club and I fled
    town to keep from going to

    At 26 years of age I settled
    in Charleston, South
    Carolina, working in night
    clubs, gambling, and
    continuing in my sinful ways.
    Soon I began to ride with
    another motorcycle club, the
    Tribulators. With this group,
    I became known as Barry-
    Barry and seemed to have
    all the things I wanted—my
    own way, freedom and
    popularity. Unknown to me,
    God was still working. I had
    renounced him, but he had
    not renounced me. It took a
    series of events for Him to
    get my attention.

    In 1973 I came in contact
    with the Hell’s Angels and
    eventually became a
    member on the East Coast.
    The activities that followed
    kept me on guard all the
    time. There were continuous
    wars. Everything was well
    organized and secret, but I
    knew people were getting
    killed, not who or why but
    that it was happening. A
    brother “Angel” was shot
    and killed in San Diego and
    the events that took place
    there changed my life.

    I remember the day of
    October 27, 1976, very well.
    The Hell’s Angels on the
    West Coast had given me
    orders to eliminate several
    members of a rival club on
    the East Coast. Although I
    had been participating in
    terrorist-type activities for a
    year, needless killing just
    wasn’t my bag, and the ones
    that had been given me the
    orders could sense that . . . .
    I had been followed and
    finally I went into the
    restaurant, knowing that it
    represented temporary
    safety. I knew that if I walked
    out the door, certain death
    waited. I called home, 4,000
    miles away. My wife, Gypsy,
    was staying at my mothers

    On the phone I told them I
    was about to be killed, and
    then I started repenting for
    the bad life that I had lived. I
    told Gypsy that I was sorry
    for the way that I had treated
    her. All this time, my mother
    was on the phone too, and
    soon she began to tell me
    just what I needed to hear
    at that moment. She said,
    “Jesus died for your sins
    2000 years ago so that you
    could have ‘eternal life’
    (John 3:16 “For God so
    loved the world, that He
    gave His only begotten Son,
    that whosoever believeth in
    Him should not perish, but
    have everlasting life.”)
    I thought that I had done too
    many bad things that Jesus
    would have nothing to do
    with me. I had been on the
    phone for a long time (the
    call lasted three hours). In a
    restaurant, 4,000 miles from
    the only love I knew, I felt
    fear, loneliness, and

    Jeremiah 32:40  And I will make an
    everlasting covenant with them: I will not
    turn away from following them to do
    them good, and I will put My [reverential]
    fear in their hearts, so that they will not
    depart from Me.
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Barry Mayson
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Written by: Barry Mayson